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How to setup and install HP Envy 2622 Printer at 123.hp.com/envy2622

When the new printer arrive the user cannot use the printer immediately they had to connect the printer with their device. Which means that the user needs to setup the printer with their device and then only the user will be able to use the printer. Setting up the printer with the device is not easy because there are many steps which needs to be follow in order to setup the printer and when skips one of the step or they forget to follow one step the printer does not get setup with their device. In order to help the user we are listing the steps how the user can setup their HP Deskjet 2622 printer with their device. 

  1. As the user buys the new printer it comes with lots of packaging so in the first step the user needs to unpack the printer and for this the user needs to unpack the printer. For the user to unpack the printer they need to take out plastic from the printer, there will be plastic taping on the printer so the user needs to remove all the taping from the printer. The user needs to make sure that the remove plastic from the outside and from the inside of the printer.
  2. Establishing the connection of the printer is very important and for the user to do this they need to look for the power cord of the printer. Once the user got the power cord they need to make sure that they connect the power cord correctly with the printer.
  3. Once the connection gets established now the user has to turn their printer on and for this the user needs to press the power button of the printer. In case the printer does not turn on the user needs to check the connection of the printer with the electric socket.
  4. If everything is correct then the user needs to move forward and they need to put the paper into the paper tray of their printer. The user needs to take out the paper tray from the printer put the paper into a proper alignment and after that the user needs to put the paper tray into their printer.
  5. The user needs to put the cartridge into the printer and for this the user can take the help from the printer manual.

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