HP OJ 8710 Printer Setup

How to setup and install HP Officejet 8710 Printer at 123.hp.com/oj8710

When the user buys a new printer, they want to know steps on how they can install and download the printer into their device, so that it becomes easy for the user, and they do not look on the internet every time. So, if the user has bought an HP Officejet 8719 printer and they are looking for the steps to install and download the driver, the user can follow the steps which are given below.

  1. At first the user needs to unpack their 123.hp.com/oj8710 and to unpack the printer the user needs to remove all the tapes from the printer. The user needs to remove the tape which is on the outside of the printer and the tapes which are on the inside of the printer.
  2. The user needs to remove all the stickers as well and the user needs to keep the printer on a flat surface, because if the user does not keep the printer properly it can get seriously damaged.
  3. There will be a power cord inside of the packaging on the printer and the user needs to take that out and after taking it out the user needs to attach one end of the cord into the printer and one end with their power outlet.
  4. Once the printer gets attached with a power source then the user needs to turn it on and turn on the printer the user needs to press the power button on the printer.
  5. As soon as the printer gets turned on the user needs to open the control panel and from there the user needs to set the date and time, language and country and region.
  6. For the user to print with their printer they will require paper to print so the user needs to have paper with them and to insert the paper in the paper tray the user needs to take out the printer tray. Once the printer tray is out the user needs to take their paper and put their paper into the tray. After this the user needs to put the paper tray back into their printer.
  7. The user needs to insert the cartridge into the printer and for this at first the user needs to select the correct slot.
  8. The nozzle of the printer needs to be facing the printer and the user needs to gently place the cartridge into the correct place.

Following Step Will Help You To Install Your Hp Printer via 123.hp.com/oj8710 , If You Still Have Issues Then You Need To Contact Hp Support Number

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