123.hp.com/ setup 6970

123.hp.com/setup 6970

Unpacking and connecting HP Printer 6970

  • Take out the printer from the box as well as remove all the adhesive tapes, stickers and the packing materials from the printer.
  • Remove the packing material from the input/paper tray.
  • Connect the printer with the power source and turn on the printer
  • To fix your preference on the control panel of the HP Printer 6970, choose your language preference and country/region and press the ‘Yes’ button.
  • Connect the Printer with the Desktop/PC through USB connection cable as provided in the box.

Installing the Ink Cartridges of the HP Printer 6970

  • First of all, unpack the cartridges that are provided.
  • Open the cartridge door, twist open the protecting cap from the cartridge.
  • Carefully insert the cartridge in the slot and close the cartridge door properly.

Download the driver software for wireless or wired network connection of HP Printer 6970?

  • Turn on both the desktop and the HP printer to make it ready for set up and installation of the printer.
  • To install the drivers, you click on 123.hp.com/setup, write down your printer model number in the search area and click the search icon. 
  • There you have to follow the instructions provided on-screen to download the drivers directly from the website. 
  • Under the ‘Driver’ you will find the option to ‘Download’. Click on the ‘Download’ tab.
  • Once the drivers start downloading, you will get a window pop-up with the device installation setting. This will have two options ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 
  • You have to click on the radio button before ‘Yes’ and let the drivers download.

How to connect HP Printer 6970 through wireless or wired setting?

To set up HP Printer 6970 to the wireless or wired network, follow these points:

  • Select the ‘Control Panel’ of the computer, click on the ‘Devices and Printer’ and select.
  • In the menu bar click on the option of ‘Add a printer’. You will get a window of ‘Choose a device or printer to add to this PC.
  • At this point, select HP Printer 6970 and click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the printer to the computer.  
  • However, if you notice that your printer is not in the list, then you click on the option of ‘If your printer is not in the list’ and continue to add printer.
  • Now select the option of ‘The Printer I want is not listed’ and thereafter click on the option that says ‘Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings’
  • Here you need to type in the details of the printer as instructed and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Thereafter, select the port that will be used by the printer and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • The windows will now take time to update, so click on the ‘Windows update’ and wait for the process.
  • A window will open, click on Hewlett Packard or HP and choose the name of your printer and click on it. Press ‘Next’ button. However, if your printer is not listed, then click twice on the back arrow that appears on the upper left-hand side corner of the window. Now click on the ‘Find a printer by other options’.
  • In this window, Press the radio button in front of ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ and enter the details of the printer as instructed.
  • Click on ‘Autodetect’ on the ‘Device Type’ at the drop-down list and click ‘Next’ button.
  • Let the computer connect with the printer and click ‘Next’ to install the print driver.

How to Check if the printer is working 

  • After successful installation of drivers and installation of the Printer, check if the Printer is properly working. Place paper in the tray of the Printer.
  • Open any document that you wish to print. 
  • Now, on the keyboard of the computer press two keys simultaneously ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’. 
  • You will find a new window opening on the screen with the name of the Printer model number.
  • On the box next to ‘Pages’, write down the number of page(s) you want to print.
  • Then click the ‘OK’ button. Alternatively, you can also press the ‘Enter’ key of the keyboard.
  • Immediately, the printer will print the desired page(s).

If the printer fails to print

If any issues persist and the printer installed by you fails to print, then perform the following steps:-

Restart the printer and the computer once to check where are problem lies or if the printer is nor properly installed.

Reconnect all the cables connected with the printer, computer, electricity connections as well as the cable that connect the printer with the computer.

Sometimes the USB port of the computer is not working properly, so try a different USB port of the computer.

In case the USB cable connecting computer and printer is not working, use another USB cable.

If you have any other printer connected with the computer, disconnect the same and connect the one that you wish to use.

If you experience that the problems still persist while installing HP printer for your desktop, for any assistance, issue or help contact the toll-free number at 1-833-283-0002 or visit 123.hp.com/setup 6970 for any HP Printer related guidance.

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