HP Printer not printing black issues

What are the effective steps for resolving the HP Printer not printing black issue?

You might have the most expensive printer with top features, but it won’t guarantee that you have an error free printing experience. it is always faced with errors. Some of the errors could either be because of virus or unsuccessful updates and other wrong settings. normally users face the same issue of HP Printer, that it is not printing black but you don’t have to worry as just like any other issue, it can be fixed shortly.

Below are some basic steps that you can follow and fix. The HP Printer not printing black issues.

Clean the print head

It is common for the print head to clog with ink after being in use for quite some time and at times you can fix the hp printer not printing black issues simply by cleaning it. You can see the below mentioned steps in order to clean the print head and get your hp printer to print black again.

Disconnect printer power source and open the cover of your printer Remove the ink cartridge and clean it with care, Insert back the print cartridge and connect the printer to the power, Run the automated startup sequence, Now print a test page to check same, if your hp printer is printing black now. You might be required to do it multy times to get a black print.

HP Print and Scan doctor

You can simply fix this issue of hp printers not printing black with the help of HP Print and Scan Doctor. Use the below steps to solve the issue.

 You need to install ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’ from the website

 Now run this software and click on the ‘Start’ button from your Window screen

Select your printer and click ‘Next’

 And now, select ‘Fix Printing’

 This will check and fix the main cause of the problem of hp printer not printing black and fix it

Check your ink cartridges

One thing that we ignore the most common cause of the problem is that your cartridges happen to fall in one of those issue categories. If your printer is not printing black then check the ink levels of the cartridge. Clean the vent before installing a new cartridge. Make sure that you using the original HP Cartridges.

Align the print head

The print head is like the heart of your printer and if your hp printer won’t print black, make it a priority to check it before you panic and think that it is some major reason. Most printers come with an option to ‘Align Print Head’ which can be found in the control panel. You can find the correct way to align in the given manual provided to you with the specific model.

Troubleshoot the problem

Still nothing works then treat it the same as your last report. Run the printer troubleshooter to get rid of the hp printer not printing black issues. Follow the below mentioned easy steps to fix the same problem

Go to search bar in the bottom left corner of your system and type ‘Troubleshoot’

 Click on ‘Printer’ and select ‘Run the Troubleshooter’

 It might take few minutes to detect the problem

 Select the hp printer model and click ‘Next’

 Follow the on screen instructions and restart the system to fix the hp printer won’t print black issue.

 By following the above steps, you will be able to get rid of your problem of hp printers not printing black. Feel free to get in touch with us if you require more assistance.

If you experience any issue while installing HP printer and printing, please contact at the toll-free number at 1-833-283-0002 or visit 123.hp.com/setup for guidance.

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