How to troubleshoot Canon printer in error state issues?

How to troubleshoot Canon printer in error state issues?

There are many effective reasons for Canon printer in error state issues. If your Canon printer is showing an error state then it’s the appropriate time to fix it properly.

Every time you encounter this error, you should check its connection to your PC and other devices. In many cases, this error occurs because of printer installation mistakes. But, it’s easy to fix them by following a few simple steps. So, before troubleshooting this error, we should introspect into the reasons behind it.

Main Reasons behind the Canon printer in error state errors

We are listing out the main reasons behind the Canon printer in error state errors.

  1. Corrupt Canon printer drivers
  2. Printer Installation issues on your computer system
  3. Inaccurate connection of your Canon printer to the devices
  4. Outdated operating systems
  5. No permission settings

Effective Methods to Fix the Canon Printer in Error State error

We will now discuss the effective methods to fix the Canon Printer in Error State error.  

  1. Restarting your Computer and Canon Printer

If your printer’s connection to the hardware is fine then it’s an effective method to fix this issue. You should follow these steps to restart your computer and Canon printer.

  1. Firstly, ensure to have shut down your Canon printer for some time
    1. Now, close all the computer’s programs
    1. Next, you should choose ‘Restart’
    1. Thereafter, wait for some minutes so that your printer and system can be rebooted
    1. Next, you should turn your Canon printer on
    1. Finally, you should check whether your printer has started working perfectly or not

If the problem remains unresolved then you should move to the next method.

  • Verifying and making proper connections

Whenever your Canon printer is improperly connected to the computer, you face this error. The loose connections or unplugged cables will interrupt the proper printing of your printer. Similarly, a damaged cord can also disrupt the connection.

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to check the printer’s connection with the device.

  1. Firstly, you should check the wireless network of your Canon printer.
  2. You should make sure that there is a strong connection. If not, then you should connect them properly in establishing the connection.
  3. Now, you should properly check the printer’s power cable for any type of damages
  4. If everything looks good then you should run a test print.
  • Updating the Canon Printer Driver

Are you are facing the Canon Printer in error state in Windows 10? In such situations, you are supposed to reinstall the printer’s driver and then update it. It is the most optimum solution to fix this issue.

If there is any incomplete installation of the printer driver issues then you have to follow this solution. It is because an outdated printer driver results in the malfunctioning of your printer. Therefore, you should ensure to update the printer’s driver to fix the error state malfunction.

You should now follow the below-mentioned steps: –

  1. To begin with, you should disconnect your Canon printer from the device
  2. Now, you should tap on the ‘Control Panel’ from your computer system.
  3. Next, you should navigate to the option of “View devices and printers”.
  4. After accurately choosing your device, you should tap on the ‘remover printer’ and then download again
  5. Now, you should navigate to the official website of Canon printers
  6. Next, you should search for your printer’s drivers and software.
  7. Thereafter, you should tap on the ‘download’ link.
  8. Once it is done, you should install the file.
  9. Now, you should read and follow the on-screen instructions and then again install the canon printer driver.
  10. Finally, you should click Finish.

After attempting and implementing these methods, you will be able to fix Canon Printer in Error State error.  


In this article blog, we have provided effective remedial solutions for Canon Printer in Error State error. The methods have proved effective in the past and have helped many users. If you are still facing any issues then you can contact our technical support team.  

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