How to fix when the hp print service plugin not working?

How can I setup and install my brand-new HP Deskjet 3755 Printer successfully?

How to setup and install HP Deskjet 3755 Printer at

Setting up a printer is not an easy task for the user because there are lots of steps which the user needs follow. And in case the user does not able to follow each step required to setup the printer then the setup will not be completed, and the user will need to follow the whole procedure again. So, if the user is looking to setup HP Deskjet 3755 printer and the user does not know the steps in that case the user can follow the below points.

  1. In the first step the user needs to remove take out their printer from the box and after taking out the printer the user needs to remove all the plastic taping from the printer.
  2. When the user is removing the plastic they need to keep the printer on a flat surface and make sure that the printer stays stable because if the printer is not kept on a flat surface then in can fall off and the printer can get physically damaged.
  3. After removing the tapes the user needs to look for the power cord and once the user got the power cord then the user needs to attach one end of power cord with the printer and the second of the cord needs to be attached with an electric outlet.
  4. Now the in this step the user needs to turn on the printer and to do this the user needs to press the power button of the printer, as the printer gets turn on the user needs to set their settings of date/time, region/country and the language in which the user wants to use the printer.
  5. Once the date time and other settings are done the user needs to put the paper into the paper tray of their printer. Because if there is no printer the user’s printer won’t be able to provide any kind of print to the user. To put the paper into the paper tray the user needs to take out the paper tray gently and once it is out the user needs to put few papers around 40 in the paper tray after putting the paper into the tray the user needs to push back the paper tray into the printer.
  6. The user needs to put the cartridge into their printer and the user needs to make sure that they are putting cartridge correctly into their printer.

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