Hp Printer Driver

Hp Printer Driver Setting

All most every aspect of hp printer can be controlled with hp printer driver settings. Be it the print quality, layouts, color quality, etc. It gives you extra control over the printing process. Want to dabble with the hp printer driver settings? Then read on.

How to access hp printer driver settings on windows

  • Open the search box in the start menu and type control panel.
  • When you reach control panel window, change the view settings to large icons.
  • Look for device and printer link and click on it to open the window.
  • You will see different printer icons with the default one sporting a green checkmark.
  • Right-click the printer’s icon you want to access the driver settings.
  • When a drop-down menu pops up, you can access the hp printer driver settings.
  • Printer properties let you access port and security settings.
  • Printing preference lets you control the printing settings such as layouts, quality, etc.

How to access hp printer driver settings on Mac

  • Open the application folder and head to the system preferences section.
  • Click printer and scanners option to open the corresponding window.
  • You will see the list of installed printers with the default one highlighted.
  • When you click on the printer’s name list of settings opens up which you can review and change.

How to set default hp printer driver settings for all users

When your printer is accessible to many users, as in the case of a network printer you may want the printing settings to be the same for all users. This will ensure the same print quality for all shared users on the network. You can easily apply the default hp printer settings for multiple users;

Change default hp printer settings for current users

  • Press Windows key to open start menu.
  • Click settings option then open the printer and faxes window.
  • Right-click the printer icon and choose printing preferences from the menu.
  • In the preferences, window review and change the setting you want.

Change default hp printer driver settings for shared printer with multiple user access

  • Navigate to the printer and faxes menu as described above.
  • Right-click the printer icons then select the preferences option.
  • In the preferences screen click advance tab.

On the advance tab screen, you can change and configure the settings that will apply to all users who can access the shared network hp printer.

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