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How can we resolve the HP printer offline issues for HP wireless printers?

HP Wireless Printers are getting popular and successful in the market. It is because it offers superior quality and the comfort of printing without any hassles of entangling wires and cables. The problem erupts when you encounter the problem of HP Printer Offline in it. As these wireless printers work on the latest technologies, they are likely to get more complicated errors and so are more susceptible to issues and problems. In such cases, the troubleshooting of the HP Printer Offline depends on the HP printer you are using and the type of computer it is paired on. Likewise speaking, the method for setting up a printer on a wireless network is different and varies from printer to printer. Therefore, the resolution of fixing this issue will be different and mainly depends on whether it has been previously connected without any issues or is having any type of issues with the initial setup.

We will now be discussing the main reasons as well as the appropriate solution to troubleshoot the HP printer that has stopped working wirelessly error or HP Printer not connected issue.

The Main Reasons behind the HP printer stopped working wirelessly:

  1. Connection between your HP wireless printer and wireless network
  2. Improper connection between computer and the wireless network
  3. The installation of antivirus software or new updates might be blocking communication
  4. New or latest modifications in the wireless router settings
  5. Any type of Change in the IP Address of your HP Wireless printer

The list of effective solutions for fixing the HP Printer stopped printing wirelessly issue:

  1. Firstly, you should try restarting your HP printer, computer, and the wireless router
  2. Now, you should ensure that your HP printer is well-connected with your wireless network.
  3. In case, if antivirus software or new updates are blocking your communication then you should try restoring your system backup.
  4. In case, if the wireless router was recently updated then you are supposed to configure it with a printer among the new router settings.
  5. Next, you should ensure to disconnect from Virtual Private Network (VPN) as you will now be able to connect over a wireless network.
  6. Lastly, you should properly check whether the IP Address of your HP printer gets changed or not. If it is not modified then you are advised to update the IP Address of your HP printer with the new address.
  7. To conclude, if the problem persists then you are supposed to visit 123.hp.com/setup to re-install your printer’s Drivers and Software.


After following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the HP Printer offline for wireless printers and also the HP printer not connecting issues. You can also contact our technical support team for any type of technical help or assistance.

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