How to setup wireless printer on Chromebook

How to setup wireless printer on Chromebook

Advantages of using a lightweight laptop like a wireless printer on Chromebook here are many useful, they are somewhat different from Windows 10 laptops and MacBooks given their web-first roots. However, they can easily handle simple tasks just like the competition with a normal printing process.

Pairing a printer with Chromebook is normally simple, but the method is slightly different. Below we know how to set up wired and wireless printers to print from a Chromebook.

Set up your printer with WiFi

Here guiding assumes that you already added the printer to your wireless network. If not, many latest printers include an embedded touch display that is connected through a setup wizard. If no display is present, see the manual or download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 1

Click the System Clock located in the bottom right corner, and confirm that your Chromebook is connected to the same network as the printer.

Step 2

By the pop-up menu still active, click the Gear icon that shows below. This opens the Settings window.

Step 3

Select the down arrow next to expand the Advanced menu.

Step 4

Select Printing on the expanded menu.

Step 5

Select the Printers option on the right.

Step 6

Chrome OS should list your printer. Click the Save button it’ll be automatically moved to the Your available Printers category and set as your default.Else printer doesn’t automatically Show, select the blue Plus icon to the right of Add Printer. Now a new pop-up window appears for you to enter a name and printer’s IP address, the protocol (typically IPP), and the queue (typically ipp/print).

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