123.hp.com/setup 7858

123.hp.com/setup 7858 – installation & Setup

Let’s take a look at how you should attempt the 123.hp.com/setup 7858 setup and Installation one step at a time.

What are the steps for hp envy photo 7858 printer setup?

  • To begin with the printer setup free the printer from any packaging material.
  • Bring out the power chord, insert it in the power port then plug it into the power outlet. 
  • The printer screen will display the message for inserting the ink cartridges.
  • Open the cabinet box, fit in the cartridges in the required slots then close the cabinet door.
  • Put some paper in the try. Now your printer will do the alignment and print an alignment page.

That is the basic 123 hp envy photo 7858 printer setup and Installation.

How to download the hp 7858 printer drivers?

  • For driver downloads, you have to head to the 123.hp.com/7958 setup page.
  • Next, go to the download section of the page where you can get all the available files related to your printer to download.
  • Just give a click to the download button next to the drivers and software package file.
  • Once downloaded run the installer file and install the driver and software.

How to install hp envy photo printer via USB cable

  • Open the printer software home screen then choose the Setup a New printer option.
  • On the next screen just go with the ‘My printer not listed’ option and then select the USB connection mode.
  • Wait for the printer’s prompt to insert the USB cable.
  • The cable goes into the given USB port.
  • Your hp envy photo 7858 printers will then be connected and installed on the system.

Steps for Wireless installation of 123 hp envy Photo 7858 printer

  • The hp photo 7858 printer is equipped with a display panel.
  • Scroll to the settings option on the display and tap it.
  • Browse to the network settings screen and tap the Wireless setup wizard.
  • The printer will scan the vicinity for the available network and display the name.
  • Find and tap on your network’s name. Input the network password ( WEP key ) then tap OK.
  • The printer will then connect to the specified network.

Steps for WiFi direct connection of 123.hp.com/7858 setup ( Hp 7858 wireless setup without a router)

  • Look for the wifi direct button on the printer’s control panel and give it a tap.
  • You can also enable the feature via the settings menu from the display.
  • Just scroll to the WiFi direct settings and tap it switch it on.
  • Now on your mobile or your laptop enable the wireless connection and connect to the printer’s’ WiFi.

If you experience any issue while installing HP printer and printing, please contact at the toll-free number at 1-833-283-0002 or visit 123.hp.com/setup for guidance.

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