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What are the probable reasons and remedial procedures to fix Hp laptop cooling fan error?

You are working on your laptop and suddenly an error message pops up, “system temperature critical” and the system shuts down. Quite puzzling, it seems. Everything was working as expected, then suddenly the error message and then shut down. What has gone wrong? Such type of error message usually indicates that something is wrong with the cooling system of your Hp laptop, mainly the fan. The one and only purpose of the laptop cooling fan is to vent out heat, and when it fails to do so, you get the cooling fan Error. And to prevent hardware damage from overheating, the system shutdown itself. Hence, effective ways to fix Hp laptop cooling fan error all revolve around clearing pathways for heat dissipation.

Possible cause behind the Hp laptop cooling fan error

To successfully eliminate the Error you have to first understand what’s causing it in the first place. If the heat dissipation system is not working properly, two possible cause could be preventing it from doing its job:

  1. The fan cannot quickly dissipate heat. This could be due to the accumulation of dust around the laptop’s ventilation system.
  2. There is a malfunction with the system fan and it is not spinning properly, hence resulting in the overheating and cooling error.

Quick solutions to clear out Hp laptop cooling fan error

If your Hp laptop fan is unable to effectively remove heat from the system and you are facing overheating issues and frequent shutdown don’t panic. To easily sort out the error, follow the given solution:

Solution 1: Remove Dust and Clear ventilation pathways

Dust gathers in the ventilation openings and also around the cooling components. This prevents the removal of heat. If you notice that the system cooler is making a lot of noise and blowing very hot air out of the laptop, then the radiator grill might be choked with dust and needs to be cleaned. Carefully remove all the accumulated dust, then restart your laptop to check if the error is gone or not.

Solution 2: Clear out dust from internal components

If you have some technical know-how and are comfortable working with computer hardware then you can attempt to remove dust from the internal components of your laptop. It also lets you thoroughly clean the dust gathered around the cooling fan. Carefully remove your laptop’s casing, then use a blower if available to blow out dust. You can also use a painting brush to clean the dust.

Solution 3: Perform a hard reset

Although only a temporary solution, the hardware reset will give you enough time to access and save all important files before maintenance. Performing a hardware reset can restore thermal values ​​recorded in memory. If the error is due to the wrong thermal values, it could also clear the error.

Solution 4: Try updating BIOS

Another possible solution for the cooling fan error is a BIOS update. It’s been found that many times after BIOS update Hp laptop does not present overheating errors.

Solution 5: Replace the cooling fan

If all the solutions fail to fix the error, then the cooling fan itself has some fault. In such a case replacing the cooling fan is the only remaining option.

Solution 6: Get help from a Hp technical expert

If hardware components are responsible for the Hp cooling fan error, we recommend that instead of sorting the error yourself, get the help of an expert. The best way is to directly contact the Hp support team and get the appropriate assistance.

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