How to fix when the hp print service plugin not working?

How to fix when the hp print service plugin not working?

All the Hp printer variants, in order to receive the print command from an android phone, need the Hp print service plugin installed on the connected mobile device. Hp print service plugin is a small utility for android that enables printing documents and photos directly from the phone. Sometimes though this tiny but very useful utility encounter glitches and may not be able to do its job properly.

But how to fix when Hp print service plugin not working is rather easy and only a few simple solutions are all it takes for the plug-in to return to its normal working.

Simple Solutions to fix hp print service plugin not working error If you notice that the print service plugin is down, perform a few checks before applying other solutions.
● Update the plugin to its latest available version.
● Make sure you have enabled the plugin from the settings.
● Both your printer and the phone should have to be on the same WiFi network.
● If still the issue persists move on to other solutions. Clear Caches & Data
A cache build-up could clog the plugin which could result in it not
working properly.

You can easily clear the plugin cache on your phone:

● On your android phone, open settings then tap on Apps.
● In the app settings screen tap on manage app.
● On the next screen, all the apps installed on your phone will be listed.
● Locate the hp print service plugin and tap on it.
● App info screen will open up, here select force stop option.
● Now tap on clear cache option and click on OK to confirm.

● You will be printed to for confirmation all the data, tap the OK button.
● Back on the app info screen, tap on permission.
● Move the slider button to on position to give permission for location and storage.
● Close everything and reboot your phone to apply the changes. Disable Android system web view If your phone has android nogut version, isabling android system web
view might resolve the issue:
● Open the Settings app on your phone, and then tap on Apps
● In the app settings screen, choose show system option.
● On the next screen, tap on the Android system web view and then
select disable.
● If you find it disabled already, click on force stop first and then tap
● Restart your phone, then try to print something. Make Changes on HP printer’s administrative web page
● Connect your printer to a network via WiFi Direct.
● Open a browser and enter to open the Hp printer’s administrative web page.
● Now select Tray 1 size to any size and tray 1 type to any type.
● In the same way select Tray 2 size to letter and Tray 2 type to Plain.
● Save changes and close the page.
● Now install the hp print service plugin on your android phone.
● Enable the plugin and then select plug-in settings.
● Enable Android print rendering option. Now tap on discovery settings and disable WiFi Direct Print Option.
● Close settings then reboot the phone.


Hp print service plugin is quite a useful utility that enables printing on the
go. Any error with the plugin is easy to clear and does not require any
technical specialties. If you are still uneasy to fix hp print service plugin
error yourself then get help from hp support.

If you experience any issue while installing HP printer and printing, please contact at the toll-free number at 1-855-914-2288 or visit for guidance

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